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Unravelling the Essentials of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy
In a competitive digital landscape, a well-planned strategy is essential. Craft a Digital Marketing Strategy with our concise guide
Social Media Posting: Mastering the Content Pillars
Unleashing the Power of Social Media Posting: Mastering the 5 Pillars of Content
Multi Channel Marketing on Another Level
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGMulti Channel Marketing on Another LevelHow Radio Advertising and Facebook Advertising Can Work Together to Grow Your Business in Derbyshire and NottinghamshireIn today’s competitive business landscape, it’s more important than ever to reach your target audience with your marketing message. One way to do this is to use a combination of radio advertising […]
The Evolution of Digital Marketing
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGThe Evolution of Digital MarketingEvolution of MarketingMarketing is all around us.  It’s in our ears via the radio, in front of our eyes in newspapers, magazines; both our ears and our eyes with the television and all our myriad devices which connect to the internet and it has been around since the very dawn […]
Why Does Social Media Marketing Need Time?
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGWhy Does Social Media Marketing Need Time?Understanding the AIDA model:Why it takes time to gain awareness and trust on Social MediaWith Social Media Marketing (SMM) success is not instantaneous, results can be expected but they will need to happen over time. What needs to happen to an audience when a Social Media Marketing […]
Combine Digital Strategies
Unlock the power of two: How to combine digital strategies for maximum impact.
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGUnlock the power of two: How to combine digital strategies for maximum impact.Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) go hand in hand when it comes to growing your business.Social Media Marketing and SEO are two powerful tools that when combined together create a mighty digital marketing strategy. By combining both, businesses can […]
Funnel Marketing Vs The Customer Journey
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGFunnel Marketing Vs The Customer JourneyFunnel Marketing Vs The Customer JourneyAn important element in all marketing activities whether they be online or offline, in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, billboards, leaflets and the internet – which sub divides into myriad digital channels and platforms.  One thing overarches and underpins all of these things and the […]
It Says Oxo On the Back of Buses, but they don’t sell it!
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGIt Says Oxo On the Back of Buses, but they don’t sell it! What is Brand Awareness?“It says Oxo on the back of busses, but they don’t sell it.” Was always a phrase that my father would interject into various reprimands throughout my entire childhood and formative years. It would normally be boomed vehemently at me […]
Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business
PEAK MEDIA MARKETINGImportance of a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small BusinessImportance of Digital Presence is here for good!A couple of years ago the Coronavirus pandemic locked us all down and while we were social distancing, the internet brought us closer together through social media we all stayed (sane) in touch as best we could and […]
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