Why Does Social Media Marketing Need Time?

Understanding the AIDA model:

Why it takes time to gain awareness and trust on

Social Media


With Social Media Marketing (SMM) success is not instantaneous, results can be expected but they will need to happen over time. What needs to happen to an audience when a Social Media Marketing campaign is implemented?

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for promoting business online, but it takes time to work effectively. The internet is full of opportunity but it is not a magical realm full of people coiled like springs ready and waiting, credit card in hand for your posts to start showing.

In order to take a product or a service to an audience it takes time for the people in that audience to create the brand awareness in their minds and to build up trust before they start to respond.

The AIDA model provides a useful framework for understanding why this is the case.

AIDA is the process which people go through on their user experience through the sales funnel and it is a process which needs time to bed in before it starts to yield its results.


AIDA is as follows:

Attention: Social media users are bombarded with myriad content from a multitude of sources, everyone and his dog is at it, and so it can be difficult to capture their attention. Brands need to create compelling and relevant content that stands out and grabs the attention in a world of death scrolling.

Interest: Once you have a user’s attention, you need to keep them engaged and interested in your brand. This requires a deep understanding of your target audience, what they care about, and what types of content resonate with them. Brands need to consistently produce interesting and valuable content to maintain user engagement.

Desire: The next step is to create a desire for your product or service. This requires highlighting the benefits and unique selling points of your brand, and how they solve the problems and meet the needs of your target audience. This can be a slow process, as building desire takes time and requires consistent messaging.

Action: The final step in this process is that you need to convert users into customers by getting them to take action. This may involve directing them to your website or making a purchase directly via social media. The conversion process can take time, as users need to be convinced that your brand is the right solution for them.

In conclusion, the AIDA model highlights why social media marketing can take time to work effectively. Brands need to invest time and effort into capturing attention, building interest and desire, and ultimately converting users into customers. But with patience and persistence, social media can be a powerful tool for promoting brand awareness and driving business success.

social media marketing why it takes time

Avoid tactics that will make your audience disengage

Social media marketing is crucial for building brand awareness, but it can take time to see results. One reason for this is the over saturation of promotional content. To effectively use social media, it’s also important to understand the pillars of this marketing concept, including engagement, value and variety as it is vital to not just post promo after promo after promo posts; or people will become “post blind”, when posts are so repetitive they become easy to ignore.

When it comes to engagement, social media is a two-way communication platform where users expect to interact and engage with brands. If your content is purely promotional, users will quickly become “post blind” and tune out. To keep their attention, it’s essential to mix in posts that encourage engagement, such as asking for feedback, sharing user-generated content, and creating interactive content like polls or quizzes.

Variety is also key to effective social media marketing. Users expect to see a mix of content from brands, including educational content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and of course, promotional content. But it’s important to strike a balance and not make every post a sales pitch. By varying the types of content you share, you’ll keep users interested and engaged.

Finally, the value that brands offer through their social media content is essential. Brands should endeavour to educate, inform, and entertain their audience while showcasing the unique benefits and features of their products or services.

This approach will not only help build brand awareness, but it will also encourage user engagement and drive conversions over time.

In conclusion, social media marketing requires a holistic approach that balances engagement, variety, and value. By avoiding the over saturation of promotional content, brands can effectively build brand awareness and drive business success through social media.

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